Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box up to 20L

Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box up to 20L


Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box up to 20L


Impress your guests by serving wine by the glass with the elegant Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box.
Barrel capacity: 20 liters (right for 5L, 10L, 20L boxes)
Barrel dimensions (Length x Diameter): 480×390 mm

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Be smart, serve your guests bag-in-box wine with the novelty Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box. Since it is a real barrel specifically designed to serve wine by the glass in boxes of up to 20 L. And in addition to being an ecological and environmentally friendly choice, it is also good for your wallet.

Do you love wine and want to have some on hand at home? Whether you’re a special occasion drinker or a die-hard drinker, owning a wooden barrel at home is exciting. Because you can sip wine whenever you want, enjoy it and brag about it with great satisfaction. Having a wooden wine barrel at home is a way to replicate what happens in the cellar. Open the tap and taste the wine whenever you want. Without the worry of having to finish the bottle because the wine keeps for weeks. Unlike when you open a bottle that needs to be consumed within 2 or 3 days. Simply insert the bag-in-box into the barrel and start serving the wine as if it had come out of the barrel, surprising your guests. Since this wooden wine barrel for bag-in-box benefits from our craftsmanship acquired over over half a century.

How to Use the Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box

This wooden wine barrel for bag-in-box is perfect for serving wine by the glass at events. Since these wooden barrels are designed to accommodate a lot of wine up to 20 L, This makes this barrel perfect for events, parties, celebrations and holidays such as Christmas and New Year. As well as for wine bars and restaurants, where wine consumption is considerable and it makes no sense to use 3 liter bag in boxes.

It is very simple to use. First place the wooden wine barrel on the counter of your wine bar or on a table. Secondly, twist and pull the rear end of the barrel slightly towards you to allow the wine bag to be inserted. Third, take the bag-in-box, remove the cardboard box and place the bag inside the barrel. Fourth, pop the bag tap out through the hole located in the front of the barrel. Last, close the back of the barrel and start serving the wine.

Why Bag-in-Box Wine

Bag-in-box wine is becoming more and more common in grocery stores, wine shops and even supermarkets. Because buying boxed wine generates much less waste and does not compromise quality, as long as you choose a good wine. But what is meant by bag-in-box wine? By bag-in-box we mean that wine is not sold bottled in the standard 750 ml format, but in bags. The retailer can sell the bag, or pour 1 liter into a bottle when the customer requests wine. While a restaurant can pour a glass every time a single customer orders wine.

Using bag-in-box wine has several interesting advantages. First of all, it is more environmentally friendly. In fact, bottled wine is always sold in 750 ml bottles with high waste for labels and packaging. While bag-in-box wine uses large bags without labels and with less road transport. Secondly, bag-in-box is economical, with an average saving of 30% compared to bottled wine. Third, with bag-in-box wine there is a lower environmental impact because there are no bottles to throw away at the end of dinner.

Why French Wooden Wine Barrels Are So Sought After

Barrel companies pay close attention to the quality of the wood they purchase to make their barrels. Quality wood is so valuable and therefore so expensive, that the French government regulates its sale. In fact, the government directly manages the annual auctions of oak forest plots. But let’s explain why oak wood is so used for barrels. While at the beginning other woods were used such as palm, cherry, maple, then all the barrel makers preferred oak. First, wood is much softer and easier to bend into the traditional barrel shape. Secondly, oak is abundant in the forests of continental Europe, the home of wine. Third, oak’s inherent aromatic compounds, such as vanilla, cloves and spices, improve the aroma and taste of the wine.

Finally, the porous nature of oak wood allows for some oxygen to be introduced into the wine, resulting in a smoother wine. This is why many of the most captivating and celebrated wines around the world are made from oak aging. Bordeaux, Brunello di Montalcino, Cabernet from Napa Valley, and more. In fact, wines aged in steel are sought after for their fresh and light style in contrast with the more robust nature of oak.

What is included in Wooden Wine Barrel for Bag-in-Box

1 pc. wooden wine barrel
1 pc. inclined wooden board to facilitate the emptying of the bag-in-box wine
1 pc. barrel rack