Bag in Box Oak Barrel for 10L Wine Box

Bag in Box Oak Barrel for 10L Wine Box


Bag in Box Oak Barrel for 10L Wine Box


With this charming Bag in Box Oak Barrel you can pour your daily glass of wine straight from the wooden barrel into your glass.
Oak barrel capacity: 10 liters (right for 3L, 5L, 10L boxes)
Barrel dimensions (Length x Diameter): 420×290 mm

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Today with the elegant Bag in Box Oak Barrel you can serve 5L and 10L bag in box wine in style. Because this little oak barrel was built specifically for serving boxed wine. You will thus be able to pour your glass of wine directly from the barrel into the glass, always fresh and fruity. But in addition to domestic use, the bag in box oak barrel is an excellent choice for wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias. The innkeeper, in fact, will be able to serve quality wine in an informal but always professional way. Much more elegant and comfortable than the carafe of wine placed on the table. When a customer orders a glass of wine, open the barrel tap and fill the glass without any waste.

Keep in mind that the wine barrel is perfect as a furnishing accessory and attraction for any event. From birthday parties to weddings and, why not, barbecues in the garden with friends.

Advantages of a Bag in Box Oak Barrel

After several years of skepticism, bag in box wine is now appreciated by an increasingly wider clientele. In fact, the practice of serving good wine in an informal and relaxed way is constantly growing. Thus, more and more wineries, even famous and renowned ones, offer their wines in this format. Both for the convenience of transport and storage, and for the convenience of table service. Just insert the bag-in-box inside the barrel, put the wooden plate to stop the tap and start serving the wine. Naturally the barrel is designed for professional use, wine bars and restaurants, but it is also perfect for parties with friends at home.

How a Bag in Box Works

Let us explain why bag in box wine is having so much success. The bag in box is a resistant but deformable bag, enclosed in a rigid cardboard box and equipped with a tap for draining the wine. When you open the tap to pour the wine, the bag collapses on itself and the wine comes out without air entering the bag. In this way the organoleptic properties of the wine are not altered over time. Unlike bottled wine which, once opened, must be consumed after a few days. If you have doubts about boxed wine, please contact our team.

Why Serve Wine with Bag in Box Oak Barrel

Given the rapid diffusion of bag-in-box wine, we decided to develop a practical and elegant line of wine dispensers. And since most of our customers are wine bars and restaurants, we thought of a product that could beautify their place. And what’s better than an oak barrel? A barrel built with the same type of wood and the same technique as the barrels used to age wine. Only a little smaller and with a rear opening to insert the 10L wine box. The barrel is in fact made up of slats of oven-dried and internally regenerated oak wood. And to offer great thermal insulation capacity and unrivaled solidity on the market, we used wooden slats 25mm thick.

When the Oak Barrel Was Invented

The barrel is a cylindrical container with a bulging center, made of oak wood staves. The slats are held in place by galvanized iron rings called hoops. Nowadays, barrels are mainly used for aging wine and spirits. First of all cognac, sherry, port and whisky. But in the past, barrels were mainly used for the transport of all liquids. Also in a painting found in a tomb in Egypt dating back to 2600 BC. we see depicted a wooden tub made with wooden slats. Something very similar to a barrel. Then in many stories by famous Latin writers from 2000 years ago we find that barrels were also widely used in ancient Rome. The Romans, in fact, loved transporting oil and wine in barrels due to the ease with which they could move. Because a small push is enough to make the barrels roll several meters.

Why Oak Barrels Are So Renowned

The wood most commonly used to make quality barrels is oak. Firstly because oak wood is hard but flexible, which makes it malleable and easy to work with. The oak staves require minimal toasting to bend, so we can create barrels in a very short time. Secondly, it is quite lightweight and waterproof. Third, oak was abundant in the forests of continental Europe. Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, there is a strong affinity of oak with wine. The fine grain of the oak, in fact, smooths the edges of the wine, harmonizes the tannins and rounds the palate. And oak’s inherent flavor compounds, such as vanilla and clove, add complexity to a wine’s aroma and flavor. That is, it gives a more desirable consistency and the wine is more balanced and pleasant. Thanks to these properties, oak barrels provide an ideal environment for wine aging.


1 pc. oak barrel
1 pc. inclined wooden board to facilitate emptying the wine inside the bag
1 pc. barrel rack