Azure Bar is a Luxury Wine Bar & Shop that has become a reference company in the gourmet food market and wine tasting events, as well as in bar and restaurant services. We proudly represent only niche farms and wineries, offering our customers wines of exceptional value with the addition of a superb collection of fine dishes. The main objective of our team is not only the trade of organic foods and wines, but above all to promote and implement unknown brands through events, marketing and advertising campaigns close to the final customer. With over 10 years of experience from our enthusiastic sales and marketing team, we are proud to offer our customers extensive knowledge and guidance in all areas of the food and wine industry. We focus on quality and on environmental principles. We like supporting small, family owned, and independent farms and wineries that care to craft organic food & wines and to adopt environmentally sustainable business practices as well.

Mobile Wine Bar Services

Mobile Bar Services

We can offer fully mobile wine bar services for an outstanding dining & wine experience. From a luxury Wedding to an informal dinner, we offer the ultimate venue and exclusive mobile bar services for your celebration. For any special occasions, we at Azure Bar, understand how important is your wedding or event, and we design and customize the service to turn your dreams into reality. We well know that each event needs a dedicated solution, because each customer and each venue is different. We will offer a bespoke luxury event planning service, personalised to suit our client’s specific needs with the best of the catering industry to create memorable events. From a light lunch to multi course dinners, our mobile bar adds a tempting selection of specialty food and wines to your catering menu. It’s ideal for home events, outdoor spaces, venues with or without on site restaurant services. Azure mobile bar is the right choice for any special occasion providing all the elements neccessary for the supply of glamour and entertainment at your event.

Restaurant & Wine Bar Equipment

Restaurant & Wine Bar Equipment

Restaurant and bar equipment personally selected by our staff from the most innovative on the market and sometimes taylor made to give that extra touch of elegance to any space and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Investing in a designer luxury stainless steel BBQ will give your stylish dining room grand and allow a show cooking experience in front of your guests. Accessorise your garden with our unique elegant design wedding ice-cream cart to add glamour to your outdoor cocktail party. Serve wine with ease with our oak refrigerated barrels that turns the bag-in-box into a luxury wine serving system. All our equipment offer the perfect combination for high-class environments.

Gourmet Food and Wine Shop

Gourmet Food & Wine Shop

Passion and expertise of our team ensure safe and reliable products. In situations where the products on the shelf of supermarkets do not offer significant differences, we have been successful in finding out nichie brands with organic ingredients with a focus on the traceability of all ingredients, that have been instrumental in our success. From raw material to finished products, we evaluate our product based on: Quality, Product reliability, Safety, Ethical, and Environmental impact. To supply gourmet food and great wines with a quick delivery, we have developed our own dedicated online sales platform with warehouses and logistics in Europe and Asia to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated and demanding clientele worldwide. At the base of our work there is a long and patient search for top quality companies of excellence and the ability of our collaborators to evaluate both the individual product and the company as a whole. For us, knowing where a product is born, who does it, and all the stages of transformation from the choice of raw materials to packaging are fundamental aspects. We like to work as a partner rather than as a supplier, our philosophy leads us to propose only:

  • Products truly linked to the territory, we still believe that each geographical area has its own peculiarities and the place of origin still plays a fundamental role in determining the characteristics of a product.
  • Products still obtained with authentic passion, traditional methods, following ancient traditions.
  • Companies of people who love their work and know all the secrets of that product, often handed down from father to son.
  • Farms that adopt eco-sustainable practices using natural fertilizers for a beneficial effect on our health and soil conservation.

Luxury Wine Bar Design

Wine Bar & Coffee Shop Design

Azure Bar is the only full-service wine bar and coffee shop design company that offers architecture and interior design along with project coordination, bar equipment supply, and gourmet food & wine supply services. Our high experienced team has selected the best of each industry and puts it all together for you. Azure Bar is proud to offer a wide range of food service experiences all under one roof:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Development
  • Equipment Supply Services
  • Gourmet Food & Wine Supply Services
  • Bespoke Design Services for Catering Operations

Our Clientele

Azure Bar, your luxury shop, one stop for all of your gourmet food & wine needs ! We work with a wide range of clients, delivering mobile bar & restaurant hire including:

  • Corporate Clients: We offer a wide range of luxury bars including wine bar, prosecco bar, espresso & cappuccino coffee bar, drink ice bar, also coupled with our own design bar structures and additional decorative elements.
  • Weddings: Our planning service encompasses all aspects of the wedding event from start to finish from menu design to music & dancing.
  • Private Clients: Planning a Birthday party or a Christmas dinner is easy and fun with Azue Bar.
  • Event & Wedding Planners: We offer the full planning event service that cover every aspect of the event from menu design to music & dance or the partial planning event service designed on an individual basis working and coordinating with local supplies.
  • Restaurants: Azure mobile wine bar is the perfect choice for restaurants that will use our bar service as an opportunity for expansion putting a new spin on wine tasting, and create a more casual and relaxing atmosphere with a good socializing setting and more intimate appeal than a classic dinner.
  • Organic Farms and Wineries: We make our sales platform available to organic farms and wineries to make their products known worldwide.

Why Azure Bar

We will do our best to provide for you and your guests a truly unforgettable top notch luxury dining and entertainment experience ! With over 10 years of experience of our management, Azure Bar is able to achieve and maintain an high level of competitiveness and an excellent quality, ensuring a leading position in the top quality food & beverage industry, and its wholesale distribution is renowned for providing distinctive product assortment and excellent service.

Book Now Azure Mobile Bar Great Wines to Great Events!

An elegant, uniformed sommelier server along with our exclusive wines selection at your next event. Whether you are planning a cocktail party for your Birthday, a dinner for your Wedding, an outdoor party for Corporate Events, we will be happy to discuss you requirements to ensure that your guests will have a memorable event.