With Azure Wine Bar & Art Gallery you can visit exciting exhibitions while enjoying exceptional food and wine experiences. As this new concept of mobile bar turns any venue into a unique and fantastic art gallery. A place where art and wine come together to connect people with the world of beauty and good living. Plus, Azure always brings a fun and unforgettable experience and makes your event the talk of the town. But let’s start from how the idea of ​​a mobile wine bar and art gallery was born. Lately we have noticed in several cities that art galleries have proven to be great places to host wine bars. Combining two already beloved pleasures such as art appreciation and drinking together always creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. We have thus developed a new concept of mobile bar that sets up dream venues where people can come and enjoy special moments. Friends and family are immersed in an extraordinary experience of good wine, gourmet food, fine arts and live music!

Wine Tasting Events

Whether you are a wine lover or are now approaching this world, you cannot miss participating in wine tasting events. Because during the events an expert sommelier will illustrate the basics for tasting 5 or 6 different types of wine. In addition, of course, to where to best store bottles of wine at home and how to serve them. And above all he will give advice and suggestions to always find the perfect pairings between wine and food. We will also discuss what exactly a natural wine and a biodynamic wine is and what distinguishes it from other conventional wines. You can choose from numerous events, from wine and cheese tasting to wine and chocolate.

Whatever your choice, you will find a tasting table set up with cured meats, cheeses, glasses of red and white wine and other delicacies. As well as illustrative material with which you can delve deeper into the topics covered during the tasting at home.

Mobile Bar Hire

When planning your next event, turn to Azure Bar for all your food, beverage and entertainment needs. Whether it is a large luxury event or a party with friends, our staff assists you with a tailor-made service. Thus organizing a corporate event or party to celebrate a special occasion becomes easy and fun! Our staff, in fact, is ready to recommend the most suitable mobile bar for your event. Not only the classic mobile cocktail bar, but also the coffee bar or prosecco bar to add a touch of glamor to your party.

And if you want something truly unique, you can book one of our wine tasting events where a sommelier also recommends food pairings. Among these, the fish and wine bar or the cheese and wine bar stand out. Where your guests can enjoy a truly unforgettable first-class dining and entertainment experience. From weddings to birthday parties we are always ready to set up a luxury mobile bar suitable for your event.

Food and Wine Management

Food And Wine Management

Whether you are a bar, a restaurant, a hotel or a winery, we would like you to join our list of satisfied customers. This success is due to the fact that we like to work as a partner of your company rather than a supplier. In fact, we try to support your company and maximize profitability based on new consumer trends. This is why we offer a complete consultancy service. From designing your bar to wow your guests to developing a wine list that appropriately reflects your menu.

Because a customer who finds a restaurant with extraordinary food but discovers that there are no suitable wines is shocked. Or worse, he can’t find anyone capable of giving him suggestions on the wine to pair with the chosen food. But from today you can sleep soundly because our team will be able to recommend the best wines while respecting your budget. We can help you find options at any price point that set your wine list apart from the competition. And in many cases it is enough to propose unique products to enhance the image of your company. We also organize training courses to train staff on everything related to wine. From how to describe and recommend wines to the customer to how to correctly store wine in the cellar. With particular attention to the most appropriate wine-food pairing.

Why Choose Organic Foods and Wines

Are you looking for a unique place to find excellent wine or fresh buffalo mozzarella made in Italy? Well, this is the right place. Whether you are looking for a Brunello di Montalcino, a truffle honey or a Sambuca, we have it all! Our online shop, in fact, offers a unique experience of excellent wine, craft beers, dairy specialties and exclusive pastries! And while the products on supermarket shelves do not present significant differences, here you can find products truly linked to the territory.

Because we continue to believe, first of all, that each geographical area has its own peculiarities. Secondly, that the place of origin still plays a fundamental role in determining the characteristics of an agricultural product. Thirdly, products obtained with authentic passion, with traditional methods and following ancient traditions are more genuine. Fourth, companies managed by people who love their work and know all the secrets of every single product are preferable. Here, in fact, traditions and production processes are often handed down from father to son. Thus, thanks to classic methods, the quality of the products remains high and constant. Finally, we promote farms that adopt eco-sustainable practices and use natural fertilizers. Because this has a double beneficial effect, on our health and on soil conservation.