Passion and expertise of our team ensure safe and reliable products. In situations where the products on the shelf of supermarkets do not offer significant differences, we have been successful in finding out nichie brands with organic ingredients with a focus on the traceability of all ingredients, that have been instrumental in our success. From raw material to finished products, we evaluate our product based on: Quality, Product reliability, Safety, Ethical, and Environmental impact. To supply gourmet food and great wines with a quick delivery, we have developed our own dedicated online sales platform with warehouses and logistics in Europe and Asia to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated and demanding clientele worldwide. At the base of our work there is a long and patient search for top quality companies of excellence and the ability of our collaborators to evaluate both the individual product and the company as a whole. For us, knowing where a product is born, who does it, and all the stages of transformation from the choice of raw materials to packaging are fundamental aspects. We like to work as a partner rather than as a supplier, our philosophy leads us to propose only great food and wines.

  • Products truly linked to the territory, we still believe that each geographical area has its own peculiarities and the place of origin still plays a fundamental role in determining the characteristics of a product.
  • Products still obtained with authentic passion, traditional methods, following ancient traditions.
  • Companies of people who love their work and know all the secrets of that product, often handed down from father to son.
  • Farms that adopt eco-sustainable practices using natural fertilizers for a beneficial effect on our health and soil conservation.