Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator for Bag in Box

Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator for Bag in Box


Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator for Bag in Box


Make your wine bar stand out from the crowd by serving bag in box wine with the brand new Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator. A real oak barrel that fits perfectly into any wine bar and restaurant, even luxury ones. But inside there is a stainless steel tank with a built-in refrigerator. So you can serve bulk wine or bag in box wine with elegance and always at the right temperature.
Overall dimension (LWH): 660x470x900 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C

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With the all-new Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator you can now serve both bag-in-box and bulk wine in style. Because the wine is tapped from a real oak barrel and your customers will think you are serving them a good aged wine. But in reality the wine is contained in a stainless steel tank placed inside the barrel with a built-in refrigerator. So you can set the temperature to 10°C to serve white wine or to 16°C to serve red wine. It works like a home refrigerator, only it is designed specifically for serving wine on tap.

Certainly many bottled wines have excellent added value that justifies the higher price. In fact, bottled wine is generally a more important and more harmonious wine product. And it is often a wine resulting from bunches of grapes selected and harvested by hand. But in recent years, bag-in-box wine is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and professionals. In addition to a notable improvement in the quality of the wine, today comparable to that of bottled wines.

The Idea of Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator

The idea of creating barrels with a built-in refrigerator was born to encourage wine bars to serve quality bag-in-box wines. Because the diffusion of bulk wine makes a great contribution to the environment, saving energy on both transport and storage costs. As well as the greater recyclability of materials. Thus our research and development department, with the contribution of wine bar owners and sommeliers, developed this innovative wine serving system. And in a few months we started producing and marketing these wonderful barrels with a built-in refrigerator. Technologically advanced products that combine tradition and innovation and enhance Made in Italy know-how and production. Where design and the choice of natural materials are at the service of quality and beauty. Thus even the most exclusive restaurants can serve bag-in-box wine, combining the needs of economy, practicality and taste.

Why Bag in Box Wine Is Becoming So Popular

The bag-in-box consists of a deformable bag with a plastic tap contained in a rigid cardboard. And the success of the bag-in-box lies precisely in the tap with non-return valve coupled to the bag that collapses when the wine comes out. With this system we avoid contact between the wine remaining in the bag and the outside air. Therefore, with each pour of the glass, the wine in the bag-in-box remains vacuum-packed. This avoids the oxidation of the wine, allowing it to be preserved over time. So with this Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator you can draw the wine from the tap whenever you want. And from today you can serve wine in bag-in-box always at the right temperature, as you do with bottled wine.

Features of the Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator

As you can see from the following technical characteristics, our wine barrel is truly unique on the market. First of all, it is made of real wood, just like the barrels used for aging wine. Secondly, the large size and horizontal arrangement of the barrel make this product a beautiful piece of furniture. So in addition to being very useful for serving bag-in-box wine, it is also very beautiful to look at. Thirdly, inside the oak barrel you find a 10 liter food grade stainless steel tank. You can pour both bag-in-box wine and bulk wine into the tank. So with this barrel with refrigerator you can also serve bulk wine that you purchase from trusted local wineries.

Fourth, the built-in refrigerator is equipped with a very powerful but silent compressor. This allows you to cool 10 liters of wine in just a few minutes. Of course it is possible to adjust the temperature of the wine from 6°C to 18°C thanks to a practical digital thermostat. To serve white wine it is advisable to select 8°C, while to serve red wine a temperature of 16°C is fine. Fifth, this oak barrel is the only one that works both on the battery and on the home electrical network. In fact, it is equipped with an integrated 12V lithium battery with charge indicator. At the time of purchase you will have to tell us whether your electricity supply is 110V or 220V.

Sixth, you can appreciate the colorful LED light that makes the barrel clearly visible at night. And, perhaps most importantly, you can power the refrigerator of your barrel with the solar panels that we give away to all our customers.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions of the wine barrel (LWH): 600x470x860 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Refrigerator power: 45 W
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C
Refrigerant gas: R410A

Advantages of Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator for Bag in Box

Ecological sentiment animates all our choices. Conceiving, designing and manufacturing products with high technological content but with low environmental impact is our vision. So we don’t just provide solutions to practical problems, we study alternative and more sustainable methods for the entire wine supply chain. This is why we use natural materials like wood for our bag-in-box wine barrels and renewable energy to power the refrigerator. From small barrels for serving wine at home to solar-powered wine barrels with built-in refrigerator for restaurants and wine bars. Our entire product line minimizes the use of plastic materials and uses high-efficiency cooling systems. Furthermore, all our products can be powered both by solar panels and by the home electricity grid. Last but not least, our wine barrels with refrigerator encourage the use of bag-in-box wine or disposable tanks. 100% recyclable packaging that significantly contributes to lowering emissions due to transport.

Bag in Box Wine Is Environmentally Friendly

The use of the bag-in-box involves a simpler system of wine conservation, both in warehouses and during road transport. And this brings numerous advantages for the environment, as well as for your wallet. In fact, the delivery of wine packaged in bag-in-box results in a space saving of 50% compared to bottled wine. This allows the use of smaller trucks and therefore significant fuel savings. Not to mention the returns of empty containers. Because with wine bottles or steel tanks you have to organize an expensive return trip to a washing or recycling plant. Here you can decide whether to wash the tanks and then bottle the new wine, or recycle the glass and produce new tanks. In any case, this leads to significant emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, both during transport and during washing.

While bag in boxes, once emptied of wine, end up in normal waste. You can throw the cardboard box into the paper bins where it will be recycled into a new box. And the wine bag in aluminum or plastic containers depending on the material. Therefore, as well as from an environmental point of view, the saving of time and money in disposing of empty containers is also significant.


Wine barrel with built-in refrigerator for 10L bag-in-box
Food grade stainless steel 10L wine tank with metal tap
Refrigerator with compressor
Temperature regulation thermostat
Battery charger
Colorful LED light for night lighting
Umbrella with solar panels

Our Wine Barrel with Built-in Refrigerator is Different from the Competition

In most barrels on the market it is necessary to place the bag containing the wine inside the barrel. Then you have 2 options. Serve the wine using the plastic tap provided with the bag. Or connect the bag tap to a rubber hose connected to a metal tap mounted on the barrel. But both solutions have disadvantages. In the first case, your customers notice a colored plastic tap which is characteristic of a bag in box. In the second, the wine, passing from the bag in box to the metal tap, is slowed down and heated by the rubber tube. While all our wine barrels are equipped with a stainless steel tank connected directly to the metal tap. The wine is cooled in the tank with great energy savings. It is a much more efficient and even quicker system for cooling and serving wine in boxes.

The wine reaches the ideal temperature in a few minutes and not in hours as in traditional barrels that cool the bag in box. Plus the wine comes out much faster, so you save a lot of time every time you need to serve a glass of wine.