Bag in Box Wine Cooler with Oak Barrel Design

Bag in Box Wine Cooler with Oak Barrel Design


Bag in Box Wine Cooler with Oak Barrel Design


An elegant handcrafted bBag in Box Wine Cooler with oak barrel design to serve wine directly from the barrel to your glass always at the optimal temperature.
Overall dimension (LWH): 600x470x860 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C

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This charming Bag in Box Wine Cooler lets you serve bag-in-box wine as elegantly as if it were bottled wine. Because you can tap wine from a real oak barrel which hides a fridge inside. In addition to being a piece of furniture that distinguishes your wine bar from the crowd, it is a highly technological object.

The oak barrel is in fact made with the same technique as the wooden barrels used for aging wine. Therefore it lends itself very well to furnishing both a restaurant and a wine bar, But the innovation that makes this barrel unique is the food-grade stainless steel tank cooled by a fridge. This allows you to serve bag in box wine much more professionally than in a carafe. Not to mention the great advantage of finding the wine already at the right temperature. You will no longer have to carry buckets of ice to the customer’s table, with a significant saving of time and money.

The Idea of Making a Bag in Box Wine Cooler with Oak Barrel Design

We all know that bag in box wine is much more practical and economical than bottled wine. Furthermore, once opened, the wine in the bag in box keeps its taste and organoleptic properties intact for 30 days. But certainly the cardboard is very unattractive. So most restaurateurs reject the idea of serving bag in box wine to their customers. But this innovative bag in box wine cooler solves the problem. In fact, you will be able to purchase bag-in-box wine from your supplier and serve it to your customers as if it were a fine wine. All you have to do is pour the wine into the barrel and adjust the serving temperature. In a few minutes the wine reaches the ideal serving temperature.

Features of the Bag in Box Wine Cooler

Today you can serve wine in bag in box as if it were a fine wine. In fact, this bag in box wine cooler is very elegant as well as being functional. First of all, it has a barrel shape and is made of real oak wood, just like the barrels you find in the most renowned cellars. Secondly, the barrel has always been a beautiful piece of furniture, both for restaurants and wine bars.

Third, it is very easy to use. Simply pour the wine contained in the bag in box into the stainless steel tank located inside the barrel. Turn on the refrigerator and after a few minutes the wine reaches the temperature you set. Because this bag in box wine cooler is equipped with a very powerful compressor fridge. Fifth, the bag in box wine cooler runs on both battery and your home’s electrical power. Both 110V and 220V. And not least with the solar panels that we give you for free!

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions of the bag in box wine cooler (LWH): 600x470x860 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Refrigerator power: 45 W
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C
Refrigerant gas: R410A

Advantages of Bag in Box

Bag in box wine is increasingly widespread and, especially in recent years, its diffusion is undergoing a notable acceleration. But let’s explain what is meant by bag in box. The bag in box is a cardboard container with a deformable plastic bag inside with a tap. This bag has the task of containing the wine away from contact with the air. In fact, when we open the tap, the wine comes out of the bag which deflates without letting air in. Naturally there are many bag in box formats, but the most used are the 3 and 5 liter ones. If you haven’t tried bag in box wine yet, we will list the advantages and reasons to try it.

Bag in Box Wine Is Cheap

Bag in box is much cheaper than bottled wine. In fact, the bag costs much less than glass. It should also be added that the bottles contain 750 ml while the most popular bag-in-box format is the 5L one. It is therefore immediately clear that the price of the bag-in-box affects the price of the wine much less than that of the bottle. Naturally, the cost of a bottle is justified for the finest wines, those aged in oak barrels so to speak. But for the majority of table wines we witness the paradox whereby you pay more for the container than for the wine. In these cases, purchasing wine in bag-in-box allows you to significantly optimize costs. So if you choose wine in bag in box you are purchasing a wine of decidedly higher quality at the same price.

The Bag in Box Allows for Excellent Wine Conservation

Bags allows for better preservation of the wine. Because the wine inside the bag is stored under vacuum in a completely aseptic environment. And the wine remains vacuum-packed even after opening, thanks to the tap that allows the wine to escape without letting air in. This means that, even after the first opening, the wine is kept unchanged for a long time, generally a month.

Wine in Bag in Box is Convenient

The bag in box is very convenient. And we’re not just talking about the practicality of a container that’s less bulky and lighter than a glass bottle. But the bag in box is particularly convenient for those who occasionally drink a glass of wine. For singles and all those who don’t consume the entire bottle at once. Because we know that bottled wine, once opened, degrades very quickly.

Wine in Bag in Box is Ecological

Last but not least, bag in box is eco-friendly and has much less impact on the environment than bottles. In fact, a 3 liter bag in box contains the equivalent of 4 glass bottles. The common thought is that glass is reusable, but the fact that bottles are reused is not 100% ecological. Because the process of collecting used glass bottles and producing new bottles is not as sustainable as it seems. In fact, it requires very high temperatures and processes that have a strong impact on the environment. And the transport and storage of bag in boxes are easier and less impactful.

The Advantages of Serving White Wine with the Bag in Box Wine Cooler

White wine, being fresh and tasty, has a very low serving temperature. The cold, in fact, emphasizes the characteristics of the varietal aromas typical of the white berry and accentuates the astringent effect of the tannins. Therefore, both for dry white wines and for young, fruity ones, the ideal serving temperature is 10°C. While slightly aged or aromatic white wines can be served at a temperature of 12°C. Naturally, it is not a degree more or less that compromises the tasting of the wine. But in any case the serving temperature must not be higher than 14°C. This is because the cold normalizes the sweet tones of white wines and elevates the more pungent notes. So the wine becomes more pleasant to both smell and taste.

Why Also Serve Red Wine with the Bag in Box Wine Cooler

The younger, sweeter and lighter the wine, the colder the serving temperature must be. This is why white wines should always be served colder than red wines, because they are lighter. Conversely, full-bodied and complex wines should be enjoyed at slightly higher temperatures. But what happens if you heat the wine? As the temperature increases, aromas evaporate more easily from the surface of the wine. So a good red wine served at 18°C will be an explosion of aromas! But be careful, if the wine becomes too hot, the smell of alcohol will also be more pronounced. And this unbalances the sense of smell and ruins the tasting. But red wine should never be served cold. Because red wine contains tannins that give that persistent sensation. If a red wine is served at too low a temperature, the perception of tannins risks becoming unbearable.


Bag in Box Wine Cooler
Food grade stainless steel wine tank
Metal tap
Battery charger
Colorful LED light
Umbrella with solar panels

Our Wine Cooler is Different from the Competition

In most barrels on the market it is necessary to place the bag containing the wine inside the barrel. Then you have 2 options. Serve the wine using the plastic tap provided with the bag. Or connect the bag tap to a rubber hose connected to a metal tap mounted on the barrel. But both solutions have disadvantages. In the first case, your customers notice a colored plastic tap which is characteristic of a bag in box. In the second, the wine, passing from the bag in box to the metal tap, is slowed down and heated by the rubber tube. While all our barrels are equipped with a stainless steel tank connected directly to the metal tap. The wine is cooled in the tank with great energy savings.

Our bag in box wine cooler has a much more efficient and even quicker system for cooling and serving wine in boxes. The wine reaches the ideal temperature in a few minutes and not in hours as in traditional barrels that cool the bag in box. Plus the wine comes out much faster, so you save a lot of time every time you need to serve a glass of wine.