Bag in Box Wine Dispenser with Refrigerator

Bag in Box Wine Dispenser with Refrigerator


Bag in Box Wine Dispenser with Refrigerator


Reimagine boxed wine and serve your guests great wines with this bag in box wine dispenser. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, beach parties, but also for trendy wine bars and restaurants.
Overall dimension (LWH): 400x400x780 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C

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Elevate the image of any event by serving wine with the elegant bag in box wine dispenser with refrigerator. Because this dispenser allows you to serve bag in box wine in an elegant and professional way. And always at the right temperature without the need for ice. In fact, this bag in box dispenser is not only designed in the shape of a barrel, but is also made of real wood. And with the same technique as the wooden barrels used for aging wine. Therefore it is well suited to the decor of any wine bar and restaurant, even if very luxurious. But in addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, it is a highly practical and functional product.

You can serve the wine directly from the oak barrel to the customer’s glass always at the optimal temperature. Simply pour the wine contained in the bag into the stainless steel tank inside the barrel and turn on the refrigerator. In 10 minutes the wine reaches the temperature of 16°C, so you are ready to serve the red wine. To serve white wine, you have to wait another 5 minutes. In 15 minutes, in fact the refrigerator cools the wine to a temperature of 10°C.

The vertical barrel design transforms the wine dispenser into an elegant centerpiece. A statement piece for any living room or outdoor patio. The rustic look of this bag in box dispenser with refrigerator makes it ideal for backyard barbecues with friends. And rest assured that such a unique barrel will be the center of attention at your party.

How the Bag in Box Wine Dispenser Was Born

The idea of developing a bag in box dispenser was born to encourage restaurants to serve bag in box wines. We try to promote bag in box because it makes a great contribution to the environment. In fact, with the bag in box there is a great energy saving on both transport and storage costs. Furthermore, the bag in box is much easier to dispose of after use, with greater recyclability of the materials. Starting from these
axioms, our research and development department has developed this innovative bag in box dispenser with refrigerator. And in a short time we had good feedback from the market, both from professionals and wine enthusiasts. This is thanks to the fact that these are technologically advanced products that combine tradition and innovation.

They also highlight the know-how and professionalism of the Italian artisans who make the barrel-shaped dispensers. With these dispensers even the most exclusive wine bars can serve bag in box wine with elegance. Because in this bag in box dispenser the design and choice of materials are at the service of quality and beauty. As well as economy and practicality.

Features of the Bag in Box Wine Dispenser with Refrigerator

The natural materials chosen to make the barrel make this bag in box dispenser with refrigerator truly unique on the market. Because most of the dispensers that you can find around are made of plastic. They look like ice cream display cases rather than wine cellars. First of all, our bag in box dispenser is made of real wood, just like the barrels used for aging wine. Secondly, the vertical arrangement of the barrel makes this product ideal for serving wine from the bar counter. In fact this bag in box dispenser with refrigerator is a beautiful piece of furniture and takes up very limited space. And the colored LED light makes the barrel clearly visible even at night.

Third, the refrigerator cools the food-grade stainless steel tank inside the barrel. So with this wine dispenser with refrigerator you can also serve wine in bulk as well as wine in bag in box. Fourth, you can adjust the wine temperature from 6°C to 18°C, so you can serve both white wine and red wine. Fifth, this bag in box dispenser is the only one that works with both battery and home electricity. In fact the refrigerator is equipped with an integrated 12V lithium battery, as well as a 110 – 220 volt power supply.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions of the bag in box dispenser (LWH): 400x400x900 mm
Voltage: 12 V or 110-220 V
Refrigerator power: 45 W
Temperature adjustment: from 6°C to 20°C
Refrigerant gas: R410A

Why Bulk Wine in Bag in Box

Bulk wine in bag in box is increasingly widespread, yet many people are still wary of bag in box. This is because those who have consumed bottled wine for years do not easily get used to the idea of buying wine in cartons. Yet most people now agree that it is a format more suitable for home consumption. And above all, it is more responsible and good for the environment, as well as for your wallet. A way to drink a glass of quality wine whenever you want without necessarily having to consume an entire bottle. Since the wine in the bag does not come into contact with air, which is why it can last more than a month after opening. As regards the unopened bag in box, here the wine can be stored for approximately 12 months.

How the Bag in Box Works

The bag in box is a cardboard container with a plastic bag inside with a tap. Inside the bag the wine always remains vacuum-packed, from the first to the last glass. Thus the wine never comes into contact with air and is preserved for a long time. This is why this type of container allows you to preserve wine better than demijohns or steel tanks.

Bag in Box Has an Excellent Quality-Price Ratio

Bag in box wine often costs less than bottled wine. But the bag in box does not cost less because the wine is of lower quality, but simply because the price of the container is lower. Furthermore, transport is simpler and therefore also cheaper. Compared to most cheap wines, bag in box wine is almost always of higher quality. And this especially applies to bottled wines you find in supermarkets. So for the same price it is better to choose a bag in box wine.


Bag in box wine dispenser
Refrigerator with compressor powered by both 12 volts and 110 – 220 volts
Food grade stainless steel wine tank
Metal tap
Battery charger
Colorful LED light
Umbrella with solar panels