Wine Club

With regular deliveries of delicious wines selected by our team, Azure Wine Club is designed so that you will always have a stock of excellent bottles in your wine rack, ready to be opened any night of the week. Each case is accompanied by tasting notes, serving directions and suggested food pairing to get the best from every bottle. As a Member of the Wine Club, you’ll discover limited-production wines of our partner wineries. Cases delivered to your door at Special Discount Club Price.
Choose from a variety of case and price options, ranging from 60 to 400 € a case.
Flexible membership, easy to select your loved wine, swap or add cases.

Membership Benefits

  • A 12 % savings on Wine Club Case Shipments.
  • A 10 % discount on any product or event purchased online.
  • Cases delivered to your door.
  • Information on grapes, regions, as well as advice on tasting and storing wine.
  • Wine Club events, wine tastings and dinners, offered at an exclusive rate.
  • Priority booking for our events, wine tastings, dinners, and wine courses.

Choose Your Wine Case

  • Case A, 6 Bottles: Delicious everyday drinking wine. This selection offers an excellent introduction to the world of wine to ensure you have a bottle of great wine for your dinner.
  • Case B, 6 Bottles: Three different grapes and styles to develop your wine knowledge. Excellent wine for your dining as well for special dinners. The main focus is on remarkable wine from areas which are of increasing interest for conosseurs and wine lovers.
  • Case C, 12 Bottles: Excellent wine selected for special occasions. Great wines selected for your birthday, anniversary and special events. Remarkable red wine and sparkling wine to add glamour to your party.

Shipment Terms

Standard Wine Club membership is based on quarterly shipments, 4 shipments per year. At any time, you can order more wine cases at same 12% discount price.

Wine Club Terms and Conditions

You can cancel your Wine Club membership at any time.
Wine Club members can buy any our product or service including wine tasting events with a 10% discount, excluding promotional sales. Transaction limit is 5.000 € per purchase.

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