Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box Wine

Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box Wine

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Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box Wine

136.00  128.00 

An elegant wooden barrel shaped wine dispenser for bag-in-box wine, ideal for pouring your daily glass of wine directly from the wooden barrel to your glass.
Wine barrel dimension: 10 Litre (right for 3L, 5L, 10L bag-in-box)

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Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser is an elegant and convenience small oak barrel that is perfectly suited to bag-in-box wine, ideal for pouring your daily glass of wine, always fresh and fruity, directly from wooden barrel to your glass. As well as for daily use at home, the wine barrel is perfect as a furnishing accessory and attraction for any event such as birthday parties, weddings, barbecues in the garden with friends. The wooden barrel for bag-in-box is an excellent choice for wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias to serve quality wine in a more informal and relaxed way. When a customer asks for a glass of wine, with the wine dispenser there’s no fuss and no waste.

Advantages of Serving Bag-in-Box Wine with a Wooden Barrel

After several years of skepticism, bag in box wine is now appreciated by an ever-growing clientele and its popularity is constantly growing. More and more wineries, even famous and noble, offer their wines in this format due to its simplicity and convenience. The bag in box is a bag-resistant but deformable, enclosed in a rigid box and equipped with a tap for draining the wine that happens without entry of air into the bag. In this way, the organoleptic properties of wine are not altered. If you are in doubt on bag-in-box, please contact our team.
Given the rapid diffusion of bag-in-box wine on our tables, we thought of developing a practical and elegant line of oak barrels with the same type of wood and the same technique as the barrels used to age wine, only smaller and with a rear opening to insert the bag-in-box. Thus was born the wooden wine barrel to house bag-in-box in different sizes from 3 to 20 liters. The construction of the bag-in-box barrel structure is designed for professional use, wine bars and restaurants, and is made up of oven-dried and internally regenerated oak wood staves. The staves have a thickness of 25 mm and offer a great thermal insulation capacity and a solidity unmatched on the market. Just insert the bag-in-box inside the barrel, put the wooden plate stops the tap and start pouring the wine.

When the Wooden Barrel Was Invented

Barrel is a cylindrical container with a bulging center, made of oak wood staves locked by galvanized iron rings (called hoops) and used to store wine, cognac, sherry, port, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. Nowadays the barrels are mainly used for the aging of wine and spirits but in the past they were mainly used for the transport of liquids. In a painting found in a tomb in Egypt dating back to 2600 we see depicted a wooden tub made of staves, very similar to a barrel. We know from the stories left by famous Latin writers that in ancient Rome the barrels were widely used 2000 years, also for the ease with which they moved making them roll on the ground.

What is included in Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box

1 pc. wooden wine barrel
1 pc. inclined wooden board to facilitate the emptying of the bag in box wine
1 pc. barrel rack


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