Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box

Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box


Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box


Make your wine bar stand out from the crowd by serving bulk wine with the all-new Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box. It looks like a real oak barrel that fits perfectly into any luxury wine bar and restaurant. But inside there is a food-grade stainless steel tank with a built-in refrigerator. So you can serve bulk wine or bag-in-box wine with elegance and always at the right temperature.

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With the brand new Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box in real wood you elevate the image of your wine bar. Since it is an oak barrel made with the same technique as the wooden barrels used for aging wine. So it fits very well into any luxury wine bar and restaurant. But in addition to being a furnishing accessory, it is a highly technological object. In fact, inside the barrel you will find a tank made of food-grade stainless steel with a built-in refrigerator. This saves you time and money when serving bulk wine or bag-in-box wine in your wine bar. As well as being a much more professional way than the carafe or cardboard box.
We all know that bag in box wine is very practical and economical compared to bottled wine. Furthermore, once opened, the wine in the bag in box keeps its taste and organoleptic properties intact for 30 days. But cardboard is very unattractive and most restaurateurs reject the idea of ??serving bag-in-box wine to their customers. But this innovative Wine Refrigerator Barrel can solve the problem for all restaurateurs. Because you can buy bulk wine or bag-in-box wine from your suppliers and serve it elegantly. All you have to do is pour the wine into the wine barrel and adjust the serving temperature.

Features of the Wine Refrigerator Barrel

The wine barrel is 600 mm long (23 inch) and has a diameter of 400 mm (15.6 inch). Inside it houses a 15L food-grade stainless steel tank with a cap on the top of the barrel for filling. This tank is kept cold by a refrigerator located in the barrel holder. Thanks to the refrigerator it is possible to regulate the temperature of the wine from 6°C to 16°C (42.8°F to 60.8°F). Also note that the refrigerator works with both a 110 – 220 volt outlet and a 12 volt battery (the battery is optional). If you need a different setup, please Contact our team.

Why Prefer Bag-in-Box Wine

The bag-in-box is a durable but flexible bag equipped with a tap for pouring wine. The pouring occurs in this way without air entering the bag. In this way the organoleptic properties of the wine are not altered. For years bag-in-box wine was seen as a poor quality wine and was rarely drunk with friends. It was in fact considered a wine for daily consumption only. But finally something has changed and many consumers have begun to prefer bag-in-box to bottles. The success of this format is mainly due to its simplicity and practicality of use. Thus, given the favorable response from consumers, many important and renowned wineries have started selling bag-in-box wine. And today almost all companies have 2 or 3 types of wine packaged in bag-in-box in their catalogue.

Serve Bag-in-Box Wine with Ease with Wine Refrigerator Barrel

The Wine Refrigerator Barrel for Bag-in-Box is specially designed to make the work of bar and restaurant workers easier. In fact, just pour the bulk wine or the wine contained in the bag into the tank and turn on the refrigerator. In a few minutes the wine reaches the right serving temperature. So you can serve the wine directly from the barrel to your customers’ glasses. This way all your customers will think that it is great wine in barrels and not bag-in-box wine. Furthermore, the vintage design significantly improves the image of your wine bar. Because real wood furniture adds an irresistible charm to any venue. Whether it’s a trendy restaurant, a quaint wine bar or even a winery that organizes tasting events.


Oak wine barrel
Metal front faucet
Barrel support

Advantages of Using Wine Barrel Refrigerator for Bag-in-Box

The Wine Barrel Refrigerator is ideal for wine bars and restaurants because it is designed for professional use. Among the numerous advantages we find both the solidity of the product and the practicality of its use. First of all, it is composed of an oak barrel with a solid wood base which guarantees great solidity to the structure. We then underline the elegance of this refrigerator with a barrel-shaped design. This gives a touch of elegance and refinement to your venue, furnishing it like a real cellar. So in addition to being a wine dispenser, it can also be considered a fantastic centrepiece. Third, the stainless steel refrigerated tank preserves the quality of the wine over time. So you can serve wine on tap, even just one glass, without waste and always at the perfect temperature. Finally, we would like to point out that using the wine barrel refrigerator enhances any event. In fact, it integrates very well into the design of an informal birthday party or a wedding in a luxury location.