Wine Barrel Refrigerator Wine Barrel Home Bar


Wine Barrel Refrigerator Wine Barrel Home Bar


Two wine barrel sets with built-in refrigerator for bag in box wine
Wine barrel dimension: 20 Litre each



Bag-in-Box Wine Barrel with built-in refrigerator ideal for home and wine bar. Two wooden barrels for serving both red wine and white wine. Featured with a front stainless steel tap with easy connection system to bag in box wine and a large back door for easy setup. An elegant table center piece of any entertainment space, indoor or outdoor, a stunning way to serve cool wine to your guests.
Great for any restaurant or wine bar serving wine on tap. Whether your clients need servings of only 1 glass of wine, with this wine barrel there’s no fuss, no waste.

Wine Barrel Size

20 Litre, right size for 5L, 10L, 20L bag in box wine.

Wine Barrel Refrigerator

The refrigerator can work at 12V dc and 110-220V ac
Battery 12V optional

What is included in Wine Barrel Refrigerator Home Bar

2 pcs. oak wine barrel with built-in refrigerator. The barrels are built with the same techniques of wine wooden barrels.
2 pcs. inclined wooden board to facilitate the emptying of the bag in box wine.
2 pcs. barrel rack.
2 pcs. metal taps with connector for bag in box wine.


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