Oak Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box Wine

136.00  128.00 


Oak Wine Barrel Dispenser for Bag-in-Box Wine

136.00  128.00 

Bag-in-box wine dispenser
Barrel dimension: 10 Litre



The Oak Barrel Bag-in-box Wine Dispenser is ideal to serve wine on tap. If a client ask for only a glass of wine, with the bag-in-box wine dispenser there’s no fuss, no waste, and the wine is at right temperature every time.
Oak wooden barrel for bag-in-box wine is perfect as complementary furniture and attraction for any events such as birthday parties, weddings, BBQ in the garden with friends. Great choice for wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias to serve quality wine at the right temperature in a more informal and relaxed way.
The bag in box is a bag-resistant but deformable, enclosed in a rigid box and equipped with a tap for draining the wine that happens without entry of air into the bag. In this way, the organoleptic properties of wine are not altered.

Bag-in-Box Wine Barrel Size

10 Litre, right size for 3L, 5L, 10L bag in box wine.

What is included in Bag-in-Box Wine Barrel Dispenser

1 pc. oak wine barrel. The barrel is wood made and built with the same techniques of original wine barrels.
1 pc. inclined wooden board to facilitate the emptying of the bag in box wine.
1 pc. barrel rack.


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