Luxury Barbeque Grill Professional BBQ Grill


Luxury Barbeque Grill Professional BBQ Grill


The luxury gas BBQ grill is the most appreciated cook top by any professional chef
Made in Italy


The Luxury BBQ Grill is a professional gas barbeque grill Made in Italy. A work of art that works as a barbeque. The stainless steel cook top with chrome coating makes the plate extremely smooth, with low adherence and quick to clean. The temperature of the cooking plate can be set between 120º and 300º C and kept uniform over the whole plate without emanating heat outside. This allows a number of advantages over a traditional barbecue.

Luxury Barbeque Grill Advantages

  • A natural and light cooking without added fats
  • A fast cooking that maintains the original taste and nutritional value of food
  • A versatile cuisine, with no limits to type or size: shellfish, clams, small fish, whole fish, pieces of meat and ribs, vegetables either sliced, julienne or backed in foil, fruit, cheese, and more
  • The possibility of setting two different temperatures on the plate allows for the simultaneous preparation of foods which require different cooking, or the use of only one side saving gas
  • Uniform cooking without having some uncooked parts and some parts overcooked
  • A spectacular cooking show with the Chef who can cook among the tables entertaining guests, both indoors or outdoors
  • A safe cooking environment, without radiant heat and without open flames
  • A cooker which is appreciated also for the speed and simplicity with which it can be cleaned
  • Three strong pirouetting wheels make it easy and handy to move the cooker from one place to another: on the terrace, in the garden, beside the pool, in the kitchen, in the dining room

Luxury Barbeque Grill Accessories

  • Petals: modular shelves in Corian (material with exceptional resistance to stains and scratches) that enrich the body of BBQ with a touch of elegance that will personalize your BBQ.
  • Scoop: Elegant and practical stainless steel tool designed to easily collect and move food during cooking.
  • Plier: stainless steel pliers for a valid and effective aid during cooking to turn small and delicate food.
  • Scraper: a very useful tool for removing food residues from the plate both during cooking and for final cleaning of the plate. It has an interchangeable blade in harmonic steel to perfectly adhere to the surface to be cleaned.


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