Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscany 500 ml


Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscany 500 ml


Bottle size: 500 ml
Packing: 6 bottles carton box
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The organic extra virgin olive oil Tuscany is made from olives cultivated and cold pressed in Tuscany, not far from Siena, the area of Brunello di Montalcino red wine. The oil is bio certified with organic farming process. Olive oil made from indigenous trees, traditional agriculture and old style artisanal methods. Extra virgin olive oil is healthy, with benefits for your heart, brain, and joints.

Buying The Right Kind Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are on the market several kinds of olive oils, and buying the right kind of olive oil is extremely important. Extra virgin olive oil retains some of the antioxidants and bioactive compounds from olives. For this reason, it’s considered healthier than the more refined variety of olive oil. Choose only extra virgin olive oils with a well detailed description on label about origin, and natural pressing process to be guaranted about quality. There are several frauds on the olive oil market, and many olive oils are diluted with other refined oils. Therefore, read oil bottle labels carefully to ensure you’re purchasing a real extra virgin olive oil.


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