Aquaponics Vertical Farming Home Kit

1,090.00  980.00 


Aquaponics Vertical Farming Home Kit

1,090.00  980.00 

With aquaponics farming kit you will change how you eat. Run your urban farm to grow fresh herbs and vegetables at home.


With Aquaponics Vertical Farming kit for home your plants will grow without soil savings land, water, and manpower. You can grow your own food at home, in your restaurant, or in your office all year round. Our Mobile Aquaponics Vertical Farming Cart can be paced anywhere, outdoors thanks to a beautiful canopy that protects your plants from direct sunlight and indoors thanks to new LED lighting solutions. We are innovating agriculture, changing the role of the farmer, where food is produced, and how plants grow. You can monitor your plants and have fresh food under your own control. Your food can grow in a protected environment, without pollution, without the use of herbicides and pesticides. This allows you to avoid careful washing and to always have fresh vegetables at hand, just pick them and eat.

With aquaponics you can be a farmer, just put the seeds in the pot and after a few days you can see your own food. Aquaponics is the future of agriculture, minimizing the use of land, saving water, maximizing the growth, and minimizing the effort of the farmer. The biggest effort of the farmer is to feed the fish. Yes, with aquaponic system you can cultivate without soil because the roots are immersed in water and the plant take up the nutrients from the water. That’s why we installed a small aquarium with ornamental fish under the pots and a water pump that circulates the aquarium nutrient-rich water in the pots.
With our plug & play control system that monitorizes water temperature and nutrients, anyone can be a farmer, just changing feed of fish and
the light spectrum to meet the specific requirements of each different plant.

With our vertical farming you can grow your own food at home in the kitchen, in the living room or in the balcony and astonish your guests. The main purpose of a vertical farming is to produce lots of food saving space and water. In large scale aquaponics system can be the right solution to give food to urban people at Km 0, saving also gasoline for trucks.

Plants You Can Grow in Aquaponics Vertical Farming

We suggest leafy greens as lettuce, basil, chard, kale, arugula, watercress, mint, cabbage, and aromatic herbs because they grow very fast in rich fertilizer fish water. Anyway you can grow also flowering plants and fruit trees.

Aquaponics Vertical Farming Benefits

Keeping down to environmental factors like saving 90% water. With aquaponics you can save 250 litres of water to grow a crop like lettuce.
Saving space taking up much less space than traditional farming methods.
Having a clean farmer without soil and its waste feedstock.
Making organic food.
Controlling the environment as light and humidity, your plants will grow quicker. With aquaponics the growth of plants is 40% faster compared to a traditional farmer.

Aquaponics Vertical Farming Step by Step

After assembling all parts of the system, add water and fish in the aquarium.
Put one or more seeds into a sponge.
Place the sponge in the net pot.
Place the net pot in one of the hole of the pipeline and cover with the germination cap to ensure a high level of humidity.
Remove the germination cap once seedlings are visible.
Harvest when hungry.

Aquaponics Vertical Farming Kit Includes

Cart 1000 x 700 x 2000 mm
Canopy top roof
Shelf unit
Water pump
Water filtration system
Solar panels
Net pots
Biodegradable sponges
Germination caps
6 LED lights with neutral spectrum and 10 W – 1000 lumens per lamp
Connectors for managing water flow on the system

You only need to add plant seeds and fish to start growing your vertical food garden.


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