Mobile Bar

A world-class mobile bar & restaurant company specialized in wine & cheese mobile bar and prosecco mobile bar supplying great wines and gourmet food coupled with exclusive services. Stylish portable bars with plush banquettes, pillows and pristine table settings, creating an ambiance of exquisite relaxation and upscale dining. We have recently introduced mobile bar to the events & wedding market, offering luxury bespoke packages catered to the client’s specification. Our offer includes some of the most food specialties to make any occasion complete including organic wines, balsamic winegar, buffalo mozzarella cheese, espresso & cappuccino as only coffee bars in Italy can do.

When planning the next event, look at Azure Bar for all of your entertainment needs. Large or small, formal event or casual party, our experienced staff will assist you with a service tailored to your event style, from sourcing of a lovely venue, through unique design to the provision of gourmet food, great wines, music selection, and staffing. Planning a corporate event or a party for a special occasion such as Birthday party, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Retirement, Christmas, Labor Day, and why not, Divorce Party celebrating the single life, will be easy and fun!

Prosecco Mobile Bar

In last decade, the wine tasting scene has exploded as new trend from home dining to corporate luxury events. Azure Bar is a premium bar & restaurant, just mobile to create events for a new generation of wine lovers, serving brilliant wines coupled with fantastic service. We provide portable stylish bars and fully trained team of bar staff available for any type of event, from a professional corporate event to an exotic finish for your wedding bar hire. A wide variety of mobile bar stations for you to choose from. From big to small, our bar structures are designed to be fully customisable and to suit any venue. Book Now Prosecco Mobile Bar

Cheese & Wine Mobile Bar

We have been tasting and appreciating several wines for years to fit the needs of a new generation of wine lovers. We have visited the most important wine districts and selected only natural farming wineries with a look at bio wine labels to serve brilliant wines coupled with delicious food, giving an individual attention to each of our clients and their specific needs. Wine and cheese are both great culinary pleasures, and we like serving our wines with delicious cheeses as Buffalo Mozzarella fresh cheese served with tomato slices and olive oil, Parmiggiano Reggiano 24 month aged cheese, and Caciocavallo cheese served melted over heated bread on the barbeque. Book Now Cheese & Wine Mobile Bar

Fish & Wine Mobile Bar

A luxury event based on fresh high quality seafood dishes combined with a careful selection of wines. The general rule is to pair fish with white wines, because red wines contain high levels of tannin that interact with fish oils leaving a metallic aftertaste in your mouth. Only meaty fish with a steak-like texture as tuna and swordfish or strongly flavored fish as anchovies and sardines can be paired with low tannin red wines. Book Now Fish & Wine Mobile Bar

Mobile Cocktail Bar

Not ordinary gin and rhum for our cocktails but the finest ones complemented by local and seasonal ingredients including apple, lime, cider, mint to serve cocktails that better reflect your event. Book Now Mobile Cocktail Bar

Gelato Ice-cream Mobile Bar

Our Gelato Mobile Bar is a lovely cart characterized by unique design and innovative technical solutions to house the essential equipment of a coffee shop and add value to every event. It is equipped with a refrigerator with 6 canapines to offer delicious gelato to your guests as only an Italian coffee shop can do. Book Now Gelato Ice-cream Mobile Bar

Espresso Coffee Mobile Bar

Your wedding or event is better with espresso coffee and cappuccino, especially when the espresso is prepared by a professional Italian Barista. Stylish, self contained coffee bike with vintage design and decoration choosen according to your party theme and location to serve Italian espresso coffee & cappuccino specialities to your guests. Book Now Espresso Coffee Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar Catering & Banqueting Services

Featuring a contemporary atmosphere, attentive service and gourmet food, our bar offers a premium experience for VIP parties, Weddings, business dinners, and all types of special events. Impress your guests with dedicated service managers, selected food, seasonally inspired menus, and thoughtfully selected wine list. Our chef use only organic ingredients where possible, keeps things seasonal and changes the menu based on what looks great at the market in the morning. We are committed to bringing you the freshest food available surroundings coupled with local and imported delicious food.
Each dish is individually created and handcrafted with artistic expertise by our own chef. It’s ideal for home events, outdoor spaces, venues with or without on site restaurant services. A well trained sommelier will help you in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing.

Mobile Bar Full Planning Services

Our Full Planning Service covers every aspect of the event planning process. Azure Bar Team will design, coordinate, and execute your event from start to finish with high-quality service and great attention to the details.

Mobile Bar Partial Planning Services

The Partial Planning Event Service is designed on an individual basis for clients who like to plan the majority of their event themselves but require support on a few key areas, or are working with some local suppliers but like to have expert coordination, gracious service, and exceptional taste.

Mobile Bar Styles

Outdoor events are the most special locations for the large open spaces and scenic views, that can be used for a party such as Weddings, birthday parties, gala evenings, and we can provide the right bar equipment to turn your garden in a lovely venue for your guest. Our designers will create specifically for you the right equipment and environment to astonish your guests, with modular bar system and assembled in a few minutes to create a stylish professional bar. Our staff will assist you in choosing the type of bar and equipment that best suit your needs, from island bar counter to stilish gazebo or modern large hanging umbrella. We can style our portable bars according to your party theme, from a casual summer barbeque with friends to a corporate event, to make your event always a success.

Entertainment Selection

Add glamour to your party, simply adding a professional DJ, a Live band, a Live Opera and Classical Music, or dancers transforming the event into a theatrical work. Our consultants help you choose the right notes for your event, Wedding or corporate dinner. A soundtrack in total harmony with the style of the event, from classical to pop. All coupled with the highest quality audio speaker and lighting sytstem. To warm atmospheres we offer a choice between the only piano, piano and voice, jazz quartet (drums, bass, piano, sax), full orchestra, while for the party soundtrack, the choice is between lounge music, singer bases revised in light recording studio, disco revival ’70, ’80, ’90, or lately DJ sets. We offer talented DJs who can select and play music at a variety of events, and serve as the Master of Ceremonies directing the attention of attendees, and maintaining a room wide focus on what is included in the event’s agenda.
Our team are all experienced audio and lighting engineers, and don’t do DJ set as a part-time hobby. Our lighting system uses the latest technology, the same you see on TV shows with a software that control all lighting moving heads creating a wonderful atmosphere. In the entertaiment service it is essential to use appropriate equipment that reflects the latest news. Our sound system is something special, with speakers that can provide crisp highs, beautiful chest tones and deep souful bass. From large venues to intimate dining room, we can offer vibrant light show and crystal clear sound. Just an hour to set up all our equipment and to turn your venue into a nightclub providing great sound system and spectaular lighting including LED floodlight lighting sets, moving head and scanner sets, compact spot lighting sets, for a sparkling and memorable event.

Wedding & Events Design

According to a market research, food and drinks are a major factor in the decision of going to a restaurant or bar, but the first factor is the atmosphere that convinces customers to come in. The same is for a party. Our Event Designer will help you to create the right atmosphere for your guests, start by writing more about the type of guests such as age range, family status, how they dress. It is important to design the style of the event choosing from a luxury bar for wedding and corporate events, a comfortable neighborhood bar for informal parties, a trendy bar for young birthdays, a friendly place for families, a romantic date spot for couples.

Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the main elements for the success of an event, and our light engineer will transform your event into a memorable spectacle, with light games that create a magic atmoshere and emphasize each area of the venue and each moment of the party. Each event is different and needs highly versatile lighting fixtures with easy control and quick installation. That’s why we offer innovative, robust, high quality moving lights and digital lighting products to produce amazing results in any environment controlled by wireless DMX or without any cables at all, utilizing a battery set with long operating hours.

Flower Design

Flowers can be romantic, modern, talk of distant lands or of passion and love. An event, which is a wedding or a special circumstance, without flowers, would be bare. Enzo Miccio knows this well, passionate and expert in flowers, considering them one of the main elements of any set design. From small and minimal compositions to real floral sculptures, flowers with their color palettes become the protagonists of a unique set-up, studied of the smallest details and able to once again dream.

Mise en Place & Table Design

Custom glasses, fine porcelain made in Italy, decorated plates for the event. From the flowers selection to the table cloths, everything will be customized in accordance to the entire event decoration. Everything is carefully chosen with the supervision of our wedding and event designer who will realize the perfect mise en place for any occasion.

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