Food & Wine

From the beginning Azure Bar mission has been to source the finest natural food & wines of both exceptional quality and value, and provide superior service to the bars & restaurants, hotels, and wine & food lovers. Related technical services are part of our works to ensure our customers all the products we offer. Our product line is concentrated to natural products with organic ingredients, bio labels, with a focus on the traceability of all ingredients. We like to hemphasize on our products description that when the label of wine or pasta states “Made in Italy”, consumer is guaranteed that raw ingredients are cultivated in Italy. Most products on the market have a label “Made in Italy”, but only the packing or bottling operations are completed in Italy. From raw material to finished products, we evaluate our product based on: Quality, Product reliability, Safety, Ethical, and Environmental impact.

Our Wines

In situations where the products on the shelf of supermarkets do not offer significant differences, we have been successful in developing differences that have been instrumental in our success. All farms, wineries, manufacturing companies we represent, have implemented a policy that allows consumers to know more about production process, list of all ingredients and where they come from. After spanding more than 10 years in the food trade in Italy, we have decided to start up our own representative offices abroad to offer superior products to overseas customers reducing trading costs, giving more information, making genuine products more attractive to consumers. From the beginning our mission has been to source the finest natural food & wines of both exceptional quality and value, and provide superior service to the Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Food Stores, Wine Shops, and Wine & Food Lovers.

Confidence In Natural Products and Traceability

We represent natural wines produced from organically grown grapes without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and with no genetically modified organisms. This production is more expensive and the work is more labor intensive than conventional techinques, but our customers are guaranteed that the vineyards have been free from such chemicals for several years to eliminate residue from past use, to have a natural, sustainable balance in the soil, using natural fertilizers pest-control techniques for a long term effect on our health and on the preservation of the soils as well. Indeed the ordinary use of petroleum based chemicals in agriculture destroys the microbiotic activity in the soil that will kill the grapes in the future. Please note that any bottle of wine on the market contains sulfites that act as a preservative and have been added to wine for centuries. Wines without sulfites are too fragile, difficult to age and to ship by boat or by air. But our wines contain only minimal amounts of sulfites.

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