Consulting Services

Our high qualified consulting team will assist you in opening or renovating your own coffee shop, wine bar, restaurant. We develop turnkey projects with customized consulting services. Whether you are opening a new bar from the beginning or you wish to reinvent your place, our consultants will help you make your idea comes a success business, figuring out what you can improve and where you’re doing wrong. According to a market research, food and drinks are a major factor in the decision of going to a restaurant or bar, but the first factor is the atmosphere that convinces customers to come in. Our staff will help you to create the right bar for the type of clients you are going to have. We believe that a bar is passion, creative and professional through cooperation with chefs and managers. You will talk about your skills and passion, and we will turn your dream into reality focusing on business profitability of your idea. Our consultants provide great expertise in solving issues in hospitality industry worldwide.

Consulting Service With Customized Solutions

  • We start to give you the evaluation of your bar “as it is” and suggest basic things to do to improve the business at no costs
  • We provide the Market Analisys of the area and kind of clients you will have
  • We focus on the atmosphere of your bar that convinces customers to come in
  • We help you find the right market niching and redesign the menu with new specialties
  • We prepare a proper wine list and original cocktails pairing with the food on the menu
  • We develop the business plan for startups or new investments to renovate old bars from Market Analisys to Feasibility Study balancing investment costs and earnings and Project Developments
  • We design and provide the proper Marketing Strategy to maxime profits
  • We teach and train you on how to use a model for accounting and inventory systems, to easily get control of costs and earnings for each product of your menu
  • We help you select the right local suppliers for your bar, and discuss the terms of delivery and payment
  • We can offer interior designers, furniture, bar accessories & tools, sound & lighting equipments, construction team
  • We will help you select the right music for your bar style
  • We offer a professional training services for your staff to running a successful venue offering great service to your customers

Our Consulting Team will assist you in opening new bar or renovate old bars, and develop turnkey projects.

Bar Marketing Ideas

Bar marketing is necessary for any bar, but mind, the bar marketing campaign will depend on your bar aspect and identity. Only after creating a strong bar identity, you can define the marketing strategy that will fit for your clientele market. List things that can make your bar unique and special in order to create a strong identity for your bar in the area. How you run your bar successfully depends on giving the right answer to following question: Why would customers want to prefer your bar instead of another bar? To have a well branded bar, look for exclusive things to set up, and think of:

  • People who live or work in the area. To increase the chances for success, identify your potential customers, age, tastes and preferences. Maybe you also need a demographics report
  • Spell out the image you want to project to targeted customers
  • Business hour
  • Your passion, it is important to decide if focusing on a cocktail bar or a tea bar
  • Your skills, if you are a wine connoisseur, you will point to become the reference point for wine lovers in the area
  • Suppliers, check if there are good suppliers of products you are going to sell in your bar. Oysters and Champagne bar coud be a good idea, but first check if you can have a supplier that brings you fresh oysters every morning
  • Bar design and atmosphere

Once you have your identity, start promotion. You need to spread the word among residents and to inform them about the quality of your food and friendly staff. Define a budget for promotion activity, start up budget and ongoing promotion. To have a vast clientele, clients must be informed about your unique products and services. Define which media, local TV, internet, newspaper, magazines, free press, brochures, etc., better suite your needs according to your promotional budget. Prepare a simple message to be used in all media, emphasizing if your bar is located on the beach or in a historical building, if you have a first class chef in your kitchen, if you have a supplier that brings you daily fresh mozzarella from Italy, if your bartender is very good in mixology and use unusual ingredients in cocktails. Customers must remember one word of the message, and associate with your bar.
The social media solution such as Twitter and Facebook, could be a good marketing choice for your bar, but ask yourself if you have enough time for it. If not, it is better to instruct a company specialized in new media advertising in order to post cocktail recipes, to create bar contests and to promote special events dedicated to wine tasting or nightly food.

Bar Promotion Ideas

Successful bar promotion depends on attracting new and repeat clients. People who are going out for the night look for drink specials, music and special events. The most effective bar promotion idea is to reach hundreds of customers and inform them that in your bar they will find exactly what they are looking for. Use Facebook and Twitter to publish weekly bar information so followers can be up to date on what’s happening night by night in your bar and easily share information with their friends. Think of what people like to do every day of the week, their habits and what they eat and drink. Here is few ideas for your night events:

  • From Monday to Wednesday : At the beginning of the week focus on creating delicious food and set soft music to allow people to meet with friends or coworkers and to talk about a new business idea. You can advertise a fixed price menus or even launch a special event together with one of your supplier. He will offer his food or drink for free to all clients and you allow him use your bar space for the night. The event will be advertised on both your and your supplier social media and best photos of the night published online. Similar special events can be realized also with fashion stores in the area, they will show the new collections while guests eat some snacks for free, and you get money with drinks. Another idea to attract customers is to advertise a light dinner free for 2 with each bottle of wine.
  • From Thursday to Saturday : Pop up the volume for the weekend nights and focus on creating excitement to your clients, drinks will be more important than food, so advertise special cocktails or exclusive wine because your bar must always offer things that people cannot find in other bars. To attract more customers promote each unique night, like healthy cocktails night, craft beers night, 90s night, DJ set, live music.
  • Sunday : People are tired of saturday night events but still want to enjoy a dinner with some friends. Provide easy to cook but unusual food maybe local or exotic specialities, alchol free drinks, amateur music. Sunday is the ideal night to bring people closer, providing an unforgettable and warm experience to your customers.

Bar Drink Menu

The real skill of a bar manager is designing a wine, beer and cocktail list that looks good and maximises profitability through right pricing.

  • Drinks & Cocktail List : There are a lot of drinks and cocktails that are universally popular and all bartenders should know their recipes, but every bar must have a list of specialty cocktails that will change periodically according to seasons and fresh ingredients available, but always using the best spirits, fresh juices, and techniques.
  • Spirit Selection : There are a lot of wine, beer and spirit options on the market, and the choice of selecting best brands without breaking going to bankruptcy is hard. Don’t just follow the latest promotion of popular brands, but gain a reputation for originality and fresh ideas. Set a spirit list balancing the quality of a product in relation to its cost and the end use of it. Buy rum of excellent quality to serve separately, and buy medium quality to serve mixed in a cocktail.
  • Ice, Fresh Juice and Syrup : Buy a good ice maker and take it always clean. Juices will be always fresh and served with a slice of same fruit. Syrups will be customized according to seasonal ingredients.

Bar Design and Equipment

A fast bartender is a profitable bartender. A fast barista will serve more people and you will get more money. Check time your bartenders take to make a drink and your baristas take to serve an The time to make a drink depends on your staff and how well the bar area is designed. The ergonomic design of your bar is the main factor to maximize profit and allows you to offer a good service with fewer staff. A well designed open space will allow you to see the entire area of the bar and keep an eye on all clients. Design the back bar area so that all drink making stations are in the same area, and group all your beer taps together. If your bar work space is well organized, bartenders won’t be bumping into each other when running from one end of the bar to another to pour two different brews. Check periodically time your bartenders take to make a drink or serve a glass of wine. Buy good equipment from juicers to ice makers, strainers to glassware, and don’t save money on their maintanance. Your bar equipment must work correctly all the time. Be sure that you maintain and update your beer draft system, dishwashing set-up, and all other basic equipments.

Bar Cocktail Station

A well designed cocktail bar station will allow for better utilization of bar space, reduce the motion of bartenders, and maximizing the speed and quality of cocktail output. The cocktail station must be also designed to be quick cleaning.

  • All must be labeled
  • Everything must have a place
  • The high usage items must be at the bartender fingertips
  • Liquor bottles must be near the drink making stations
  • The soda guns must be placed on side of the ice well
  • A 3 sink system of dump, rinse and ice is welcome
  • Storage area for cocktail utensils with integrated drainage and plumbing
  • Insulated ice well with at least 2 compartments
  • Drainage area, a perforated tray for drainage and plumbing
  • Two cleaning water jets with a push down activation system for shaker and glass
  • Storage area for bottle bin with easy access
  • Liquid and solid waste chute with separation unit for both liquid and solids for easy disposal of shaker and glass contents.The liquid drains through the perforated surface and is expelled through the drainage and plumbing. At the end of service, the disposal drawer can be simply lifted out of the unit and the solid waste disposed of accordingly
  • Long retractable tap / shower head system that will be used as a conventional tap and as a shower head to wash down the unit at the end of service
  • Hot water jet system to clean the waste separation unit

Bar Staff Selection and Training

All people who work in a bar need to enjoy taking care of people, to be outgoing and friendly, and to be able to work quickly and under pressure. They have to get passionate about the products sold in the bar and have to see the bar job as an honorable profession. They never leave a table full of clients waiting for their drinks, never serve people the wrong drinks, always stay alert for new clients coming in and show them a table. An other ability is to keep the bar area neat and clean, bottles and glasses in the right areas.

Beverage Management Services

Set up with an inventory control system of accountability that will account all products used in your bar daily and weekly. Provide with inventory system to account for every bottle of beer in your bar, and a system also for draft beer to reduce your waste (average for draft beer keg waste is 20%) as the follows:

  • Label each rack of the bar with brand of beer / wine / liquor and do the same in the store room
  • Establish a bottle arrangement system for liquors and wines 1 for 1, including the empty bottle form for behind bar
  • Create a system and forms for dead stock inventory
  • Analysis of drink pricing for all beverages
  • Establish a cost control form
  • Create a manual for bartenders with some special recipes

Get Your Bar Off the Ground with Professional Bar Consulting

We know the diversity of clients we work with, French bakery, Italian coffee shop, night bar, artisanal hot-dog stand, bio and vegan fresh juice bar, and we don’t change bar owner mission and vision, but we serve the particular needs of the client. Before implementing or improving in existing bars, any systems (accounting systems, organization, staff training, health code protocols), we spent half day to understand bar owner needs and dreams.

Bar / Restaurant Business Plan

The first step to start a bar / restaurant or to improve an existing bar, is to write a list of things that covers all aspects of a bar business. A well detailed Bar Business Plan will help you in:

  • How to develop a new bar business or where to improve your current bar operations
  • How to make your bar business more profitable cutting costs and developing new bar opportunities
  • How to design a new bar menu and to improve the quality of food and beverage without increasing prices
  • How to select raw materials, to increase the purchasing power and to get discount from your suppliers
  • How to find skilled workers and to provide regular training to update them
  • When to hire bar staff including key managers to manage sales, marketing, accounts and costs
  • Where to locate the bar according to your concept of bar business, with a site evaluation based on site history and potential growth
  • Why emphasize the attention to quality of food and drinks, furniture & design, warm atmosphere, music, and style, all to match your targeted clientele
  • How to stand out among other bars in the area

Before investing your money in a new business, we recommend to write a detailed Bar Business Plan. You can have a look at general guide below. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Write a Bar Business Plan

  • 10 – 20 slides, less than 1 minute per slide to be read
  • just basic information
  • Introduce your bar idea in a story
  • Use clear fonts to read
  • Use basic design
  • Slides should be printable also on a black and white printer too

Bar Business Plan Basic Scheme

  • Company structure: bar staff and location
  • Company purpose: your concept bar in a sentence
  • Product: list main products and services of your bar
  • Market analysis: overview of present market trends and margins to grow for your bar
  • Problem and solution: write how you will solve problems you could find
  • Timing: give a reason why it is the right time to start a bar business, historical evolution, and future bar trends
  • Market: describe the profile of customers of your bar
  • Competitors: list all bars and restaurants in your area, and why customers will prefer your bar
  • Business model: marketing, pricing, market size, targeted customers, lifetime of your bar business
  • Team: list with enclosed C.V. of founders
  • Financial statement: capitalization, balance sheet, cash flow

Business Plan Template for a Start Up Bar

The Bar Business Plan consists of a description of the company and some financial worksheets, to develop your business in a systematic way. Writing a business plan could take 2-3 weeks, but you will save a lot of money and time later. The following bar business plan is suitable for any bar / restaurant, but please emphasize the innovative ideas for your bar to make a good impression to investors. If you need assistance to write your own bar business plan, contact us.

I. Contents
II. Summary
III. Company
IV. Bar Products and Services
V. Bar Marketing
VI. Operational Plan
VII. Management & Bar Staff
VIII. Financial Statement
IX. Bar Start Up Costs
X. Bar Financial Plan
XI. Notes
XII. Rewriting the Plan

I. Contents
Bar Name, Address, Tel., E-mail, Founders and Managers.

II. Summary
Now write just a draft, then rewrite it better. Be enthusiastic but professional. Describe your business, owners and bar staff, food / drinks and services, targeted customers, capitals for start up, and return of investment.

III. Company
Describe your company, mission and vision. Report some news about bar industry, the present market and why there is an high potential of growth, short and long term forecast, why your bar will be a successful bar business, and what exclusive things will make your bar succeed. Mission is how your bar will be. Why people will appreciate your bar. What is your market and the reason to run a bar business. The goal is what you prefer your bar to be in the future (i.e. an exclusive wine bar or a successful night club). Objectives are progress will be made year by year. Describe the strengths, your and partners background bar experience, competencies, and skills. Legal form of bar company.

IV. Bar Products and Services
Describe accurately your products and/or services including technical details, drawings, brochures, pricing, etc. Emphasize the key factors that will give you competitive advantages, such as the high quality of your products, and/or or unique services, but report also disadvantages (if any).

V. Bar Marketing
Market – no business cannot success without a good marketing campaign. The market research is necessary to make sure you’re on the right way. Time spent in writing a detailed research for the business plan is a good investment. Market research should consists of both primary and secondary. Because the marketing plan is the centerpiece of all earnings projection, report the truth, giving sources, statistics, and numbers.

  • Primary market research consists of using the information given by a homemade research, such as some interviews to know about preferences of your potential clientele, or checking how many existing bars there are in the area
  • Secondary research use public information such as trends & news given by TV or newspapers & magazines, chambers of commerce data

Economics – describe in details your bar idea: Market size, % market share, present potential customers, future trends, new development, opportunity for your bar. Write down all the difficulties you can find to opening a new bar:

  • Start up capitals
  • High costs for rent
  • Long time and high costs for alchol license
  • High marketing costs
  • Long time for a good quality bar recognition from clients
  • Long time for bar staff training
  • Hard to find local reliable suppliers
  • High speed in trends changing
  • Unsuspected change in local economy

Bar Food & Drinks features and benefits – describe your exclusive bar services, first as you see them, then as your clients will see them. Write the distinctive features emphasizing advantages compared to bars nearby. Outstanding all features allow a your drink be sold at higher price than other bars (benefits). Fresh home made juice is considered a feature for your drink, the high price is your bar benefit.
Clients – describe your targeted clientele making a demographic profile for each customer group as follows:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education, Job, Income level
  • Tastes and preferences
  • Other details useful to your business

Competitors – list bar, restaurant and night club companies that compete with you, directly or indirectly. Direct competitors run a very similar business, indirect competitors offer only few drinks that can influence your bar business. Fill out the competitive analysis table with the key factors that describe you bar and emphasize the difference with your competitors. Be honest and think as a bar customer. Read strong and weak points for each factor, list all other bars, and number the importance of each factor from 1 (essential factor) to 10 (less important factor). Now you can list competitive advantages and disadvantages to know what your potential clients will think of your bar.
Strategy – write a marketing strategy that will fit for your potential clients. Promotion – spell out the image of your bar. Put a budget for promotion including the design of your company logo and advertising costs, before start up and ongoing promotion costs. People always forget of assigning money to promotion before opening a new bar. To have a vast clientele, clients must be informed about your products. Define which media (TV, newspaper, magazines, free press, exhibitions, brochures, etc.) better suite your products according to your promotional budget.
Pricing – write down your pricing policy according to the competitive analysis table result and compare prices with other bars. We suggest our clients compete on high quality food & drinks and friendly atmosphere rather than on a low pricing strategy. Low prices don’t allow you have enough margin for developing the bar business. A start up bar that chooses a low pricing strategy to find clients, goes bankrupt within 6 months.
Sales forecast – write the sales projection month by month, detailing seasonal food & drinks and special event sales. Use historical data if possible, or study a bar competitor, to write 2 different forecasts: Best Case (your expected sales) and Worst Case (sales in case of some inconveniences occurred such as raining days).
Location – location is the key success factor for a bar / restaurant, including parking.

VI. Operational Plan
Location – write all details about bar location, including city planning, distance from office towers or shopping centers, distance from highways, easy parking, brief description of building if an historical villa or a modern tower, square meters, water & electricity power supply, renting costs, maintenance & utilities costs, why choosing this location.
Legal requirements – city planning, regulations, food and alchol licensing, worker health. Production – describe your main food & drinks ingredients and how to make them, costs of ingredents and of time to prepare them, quality control method implemented, quality of service. Suppliers – list your suppliers, detailing all food and beverage products, pricing, payment terms, delivery time, reliability. Check if you can easily change suppliers in case you have problem with some of them. Specify terms of payment.
Workforce – detail your bar staff, skills required for each position, training, salary.
Inventory – detail your investment in food and bottles, value of stock, you will keep in your inventory turnover and time for reordering for each product.

VII. Management & Bar Staff
Write the position of owners and bar staff including skills, training courses and previous experience. Write the bar staff chart with key functions and name of person in charge, indicating a 2nd option in case of problem with 1st choice. Basic bar staff be listed: Director, Chef, Barista, Bartender, Restaurant manager, Purchasing manager, Accountant.

VIII. Financial Statement
Write the financial statements of founders. Investors need to know the personal assets of future partners.

IX. Bar Start Up Costs
Be honest to write the forecasts of bar start up costs. Underestimating the costs will leave you without capitals to cover unsuspected expenses. The best way to know the right costs, is to read accounting books of other bars. If you cannot get information from them, we suggest you to increase the costs of 10-20%.

X. Bar Financial Plan
The estimated time for break-even, cash-flow projection, and balance, constitute the financial future of your bar business. The centerpiece of a business plan is the profit and loss projections for the first year.
1 year profit and loss projections – write the criteria for the forecast profits, and detail profit and loss month by month. Analyzing the 12 month profit and loss projection, you can see if your bar will be a success, and break-even timing.
3 year profit projections – like above projections, just think of unsuspected things that could happen on long term.
Projected cash flow – you must know how much capital you need for bar start up, preliminary expenses, and operating expenses. If you are out of cash, you cannot pay water & electricity bills, rental costs, and suppliers. The lack of funds is the first cause of bankruptcy, so track all operating data, when you will receive cash (clients) and when you will make payments. With the cash flow table, you can see if your estimated capital is enough. Increase the start up capital if the cash balance turn on negative even if for just a week. Cash flow projection is different from profit and loss projection. You will collect money when while you can get an extended payment in 30 days with most suppliers, but you have to pay in advance rental, maybe some products to take advantage of discounted price or to get exclusive bottles.
Projected day balance sheet – the balance sheet reports assets (valuable goods) and liabilities. Use a spreadsheet for start up costs and capitalization, to see the bar estimated financial position for the year. Break-even point – the break-even point is the volume of sales that separate profit from loss. If you fix a sale price for a cup of coffee, the break-even shows you the minimum sales of cups per year necessary to recover both fixed and variable costs related to coffee. Variable costs are given by coffee (raw materials), and will grow up according to level sales. Fixed costs are given by purchasing the coffee maker, barista salary, and a part of rental and bills.

XI. Notes List details of sources used for the business plan such as draft od advertising materials, food & beverage industry studies, maps of the city, newspaper articles about bar business, draft contract to rent bar, market research sources, photos of building, rendering of the new bar.

XII. Rewriting the Plan
The bar business plan described will be modified to suit your specific bar business and your audience. The business plan can be written to better know how to develop business, used for raising capitals from investors, used for a loan from banks. If you intend to present the business plan to banks, pay attention on: Total amount of loan The use of the capitals Why your bar will be a succss Repayment terms (how many years you need to repay), it is better to negotiate a long repayment term that allows a have a good cash flow, rather then negotiating the interest rate.
If you intend to present the business plan to investors, pay attention on: Funds needed short-term, in 2 – 3 years Estimated ROI, return on investment Exit strategy for an investor (buyback, sale, or IPO) Detail how the company will use the funds Percent of the ownership given up to investors Involvement of investors in management After writing a first edition of your bar business plan, read carefully it and pay attention on:

Company image Food & beverage: the selection of products should be consistent with company image.
Bar atmosphere: bar design and staff should be in accordance with company image.
Location: check if it gives enough exposure, if it is convenient for your targeted clientele and consistent with company image
Pricing policy: prices should be profitable, competitive, and in accordance with company image.
Inventory level and average inventory turnover rate: check if you have enough budgeted for startup inventory.
Promotion: methods and costs to project a consistent company image.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.