Bar Equipment

We provide all the best of bar equipment, restaurant equipment, catering supplies. A perfect combination for high-class environments for your bar or restaurant, objects personally selected from the most innovative on the market and sometimes made to measure, able to give that extra touch of elegance to any space, both internal and external, and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Luxury Barbeque Grill Professional BBQ Grill

The elegant design and the choice of innovative materials transform the barbeque into a work of art. The steel cook top with chrome coating makes the plate extremely smooth, with low adherence and quick to clean. The temperature of the cooking plate can be set between 120º and 300º C and kept uniform over the whole plate without emanating heat outside. This allows a number of advantages over a traditional barbeque:

  • A natural and light kitchen without added fats
  • A fast cooking that maintains the original taste and nutritional value of food
  • Uniform cooking without having some uncooked parts and some parts overcooked
  • A spectacular show cooking with the Chef who can cook among the tables entertaining guests
  • No radiating heat and no open flames
  • A safe cooking environment, without radiant heat and without open flames

Wedding Ice Cream Cart

Imported from the United States, the idea of ​​providing “the wedding ice-cream” for events and weddings begins to spread to other countries. An extremely elegant retro design ice cream cart can give that extra touch of elegance and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, ideal for bars and restaurants as furnishing accessories for outdoor events.

Espresso Coffee & Cappuccino Station

A retro design cart equipped with a professional ese pods machine is the best way to serve espresso coffee and cappuccino outdoors recreating an oasis of well-being reserved for coffee lovers. It is also the right solution for restaurants and coffee shops that don’t serve 1000 cups a day as a crowded bar located in an airport.

Portable Wine Cooler and Dispenser

Azure Bar is the unique authentic Mobile Wine Bar. Our highly trained staff equipped with elegant wine cooler with flexible installation options, 48 wine bottle capacity plus wine bags in innovative oak barrels, capable of serving delicious wine as only renomated restaurants can do. We give an individual attention to each of your clients or guests and their specific tastes.
After a market research, we realized that both merchants and consumers have been appreciated the bag in box wine as ultimate solution for a good quality wine coupled with an easy serving system. According to this new booming trend, we launched on the market the fashion wine bag and the luxury mobile wine bar to respond to young market demand. Whether you need servings of 125 ml, 200 ml, or 750 ml, with the bag-in-box cooler there’s no fuss, no waste, and the wine is the perfect temperature every time. We bring along our mobile bars loaded with a selected choice of wine to create great outdoor experiences. We have searched the globe to find the perfect portable bar, but we didn’t see any great solution. So we have developed by ourselves innovative mobile bar units.

Mini Portable Bar

Mini portable bars look attractive and elegant, adding comfort to your home or outdoor living spaces like balconies, gardens, pool patios. Mini portable bars are cheap practical and simple space saving ideas. With our mini bars you can bring a fully equipped bar into the favourite place, creating a practical bar for your party.