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Azure Bar is a reference company for all wine bar & restaurant design services offering cutting-edge solutions that combine Design, Innovation and Functionality through intelligent use of the space. The brand Azure Bar is a new concept of entertainment, a creative laboratory, an innovative offer revolving around catering industry. Our partner, a boutique interior design & consulting firm based in Italy, will transform every receptive space into an oasis of luxury, the dinner in a real and its own multi-sensory experience involving all the senses, not just the taste.
Changing lifestyles, working parents, singles, and elderly people are increasing the demand of food service operations. Everyone is in need to eat, but some people don’t have the time to cook, some don’t have inclination to cook, some like to have dinner with friends without the thought of washing dishes, it comes that most people prefer to buy their meals and the future for the food service industry looks bright, but we know it is a work hard industry. Our professional staff knows the food service industry and specializes in making sure your new or redesigned bar will be wonderful and functional with a fascinating interior design, high quality architectural plans, tailor made furniture, and innovative equipment.

We offer a complete set of architectural, interior design and project coordination services. The first step is listening your vision and your dreams about the new bar or the renovation of existing restaurant.and After learning about your business model, we develop some ideas and plan a meeting for a consultation. The best go-to firm for all Pub, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant and Hotel Design Services.


A perfect fusion of hi-tech and tradition where the elegance of the design blends with high quality furnishing accessories and carefully selected features to offer feelings of well-being and relaxation to your guests. The first step you can do to increase your hotel business is renovating the interior design in order to provide your guests with a comfortable, unforgettable and luxurious experience, so they will recommend your hotel to friends and family members.

Restaurant, Wine Bar, Coffee Bar

Market researches worldwide have shown that the refinement of the menu is fundamental in choosing a restaurant, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is the first factor that convinces the customer to enter. Design and implementation of lighting system, air conditioning, audio & video, fully customized furnishing accessories to give a touch of elegance to all the most glamorous spaces, without ever giving up your personality. The restaurant business is a very competitive business, but with a little effort your restaurant will be known to stand out from the rest of the competitors.
The pub or cocktail bar must be designed to attract the interest of your customers and to offer at the same time an appealing and relaxing atmosphere, so they will spend all their time at the pub or cocktail bar instead of moving on to other ones. The first step of our team is to do a target market research about your potential customers, what they like, what they drink, how much time they can spend in a pub or cocktail bar. After analyzing the data, we create and submit to your attention some themes for the seating area and bar counter, and, after choosing the right design, we select the best materials for the floor, walls and furniture. Taking care of the details like the size of bar counter and the right number of stations to achieve the highest workspace inside the pub avoiding long queues.


The celebration of luxury to make the special day exceptional with unique and exclusive details to give that extra touch of elegance to any space. Elegance and refinement both for indoor and outdoor dining experiences.

Our Italian partner, Spazio Interior Group, specialize in all elements of Pub, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant and Hotel Design, including: Architectural plans, Interior design, Project coordination, Furniture & Equipment supply.

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